Loan Officers Testimonials

Testimonials from a couple of loan officers who have referred their clients and continue to refer their clients to us in attempts to have their scores higher so they can qualify for a home loan/home refinance.
If you are in the real estate industry, auto dealership industry and would like an extra “jump” for your clients so you can close more loans, start working with us!
Senior Loan Officer Greg Fox (American Lending Network)
“For the past 4 years, I have relied upon Blackdiamond Consultants LLC., for their expertise in repairing numerous client’s derogative credit history. [Blackdiamond Consultants] ability to perform a deep repair is beyond the scope of my ability and my patience in dealing with collection agencies for example. With [Blackdiamond Consultants] assistance, I have been able to secure the financing for many clients who previously believed that there was little to no hope.Having an alternate solution and being able to provide such an invaluable service to potential clients has enhanced a facet of my business even in this most difficult lending climate. Without hesitation, I would recommend Blackdiamond Consultants to anyone seeking to repair their credit. (…)”
Senior Loan Officer David Leavitt ([email protected])
“My experience working with Blackdiamond Consultants can be summed up with one word, superb! Blackdiamond Consultants have been a valuable tool for my business. For the past 4 years I have been using their service and I have seen my business increase. Once they are done with their magic, my clients will have the piece of mind to move forward with their finance and buy the home that they have dreamed of. Thank you Blackdiamond Consultants!”
Senior Loan Officer Diane Sisneroz (Academy Mortgage Corporation)
“I wanted to thank you for your continued success with the credit reports of my clients. Even though I have an in-house program I can use for re-scores, it does not compare to the score results I can get when I utilize your company. [Blackdiamond Consultants] is an awesome name in the households of my clients that have gone through the short process and are now homeowners. I have had the most success with collections, charge-offs, and inquiries that made such a difference in the client’s credit scores. Just this week I have two more clients that you have helped that are now out looking for homes. I look forward to a long term relationship with you and I can’t even put into words how grateful my clients are to your company for achieving their dreams of home ownership. I have a few more credit reports I am getting ready to send over!!”
Car Dealership Manager Juan Vazquez (Chico’s Autos)
“Blackdiamond Consultants has been a great partner. Many of our walk-ins used to be turned down since we could not qualify them for a car loan, we also lost many clients due to the bank interest rates which is always out of our hands. Now we are able to offer them some help. They get pleased with our resourcefulness and they come back to us excited to buy a car.”

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