Q?What are authorized user accounts?
A.Please read it here.
Q?What do I need to get started?
A.You can click on the “Sign Up” button to the left of the Main Site or even go straight to our Secure Enrollment Form, where you can also find instructions. You can also meet up with one of our agents at our physical address (by appointment only), or fill out the necessary documentation and send it to us through fax, mail or email in order to get the process started.
Q?How much does this process cost?
A.Our fee is $399.00 for the service which can also be paid in installments. It includes consultations, disputes with the credit bureaus and disputes directly with your creditors. We add debt settlement of elected accounts at the end of the process for no additional cost. We work on every single negative mark you might have on your three major credit reports: Transunion, Experian and Equifax. The negative marks include but are not limited to: inquiries, late payments, charge off accounts, profit & loss accounts, unpaid and paid collections, public records (judgments, tax liens, bankruptcy, etc.), repossessions, and personal information inaccuracies.
Q?How much does my credit report cost?
A.The cost to purchase your credit reports (if required) from the three major credit bureaus is $38.00. (Experian $11.00, Equifax $11.00 and Transunion $16.00). You will be notified if we are unable to obtain a copy of your credit reports for free.
Q?How are you different from other companies?
A.We strive to get you the best results possible, which can be defined by an extension of our services for longer than 90 days if we feel you need it. We work on your aliases and extra addresses on top of all negative marks you might have. We work with debt validation as well as goodwill interventions. Our service can be paid for in installments. At the end of the process, we provide you with letters you can use with your creditors before making payments. An agent is assigned to you for a more personal customer service experience. We offer debt settlement at the end of the process for no additional cost.
Q?Do you offer a GUARANTEE for your service?
A.Blackdiamond Consultants LLC. is a fee for service corporation. The fee we charge is for a credit consultation and the dispute process is included in the package at no additional cost. Once the credit restoration is complete and if at the end of the process we are unable to remove any negative items or inquiries off your credit, we will refund 100% of all monies paid for the credit repair service.
Q?Can I restore my own credit?
A.Absolutely! Everything we do, you can do yourself, although, the process is very time consuming and involved. You must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act very carefully and you must know all rights under the FCRA. We will perform every step of the process for a small fee to save you time. In our experience, a typical consumer simply does not have the time to research and experiment with credit disputing methods in order to find the best course of action for their individual credit situation. Our professionals have extensive knowledge in the credit industry and will use this knowledge to help you. Therefore, you have no headaches and you do not have to take your time to work on this.
Q?Is this process legal?
A.Yes. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a consumer has the right to question any and all unverifiable, inaccurate and misleading information in their file. If the item cannot be verified in 30 days, it must be removed.
Q?Are negative accounts really removed?
A.Yes. Once an account has been permanently removed (unverified), by law it will not be reported back to your credit. Credit bureaus are very extrict with creditors who want to report a negative account more than once. We have never had a client whose negative accounts have been reported back.
Q?Which accounts are elected for debt settlement?
A.Our goal is to have any negative accounts completely removed from your credit reports without you having to pay for them. At the end of the process, we offer you debt settlement. Any charge-off accounts we could not get removed can be settled to about 25-50% of balance owed. We charge no additional cost for this service. You can then pay the settled amount all at once or monthly. Once we collect the final payment and depending upon how you decided to do your debt settlement, the account will then be updated to “settled”, “paid in full” status or “transferred/sold”.
Q?If you pull my credit report will it affect my credit score?
A.No. The way we pull your credit reports does not generate an inquiry or affect your credit rating.
Q?What can I do while you are working on my credit?
A.While we are working on your credit we will send you tips on how to get the best results out of the process. The tips include but are not limited to requesting your creditors to update your name and address, not having your credit pulled while we are working on it, not applying for any new accounts until we are done with the credit repair process, etc.
Q?Is it true you put a Fraud Alert on my credit? What is a Fraud Alert?
A.For no additional cost, we add a Fraud Alert message to your credit report to help protect your credit information. Fraud Alert messages notify potential credit grantors to verify your identification (over the phone or mail) before extending credit in your name in case someone is using your information without your consent. The Fraud Alert message will remain on your credit for 90 days, but it can be extended.
Q?How long does it take before I see improvement?
A.You will see results within the first 15 days. You will also receive results in 30-45 days in the mail from the three credit bureaus which will tell you which items and inquiries were deleted. The whole process lasts 90 days and sometimes we extend it to 120 days to make sure you get the best results possible.