Clients Testimonials

Testimonials from a couple of our actual clients.
All I have to say is thank you, thank you, thank you!! Thank you for helping me out when I needed it, I will always send my friends to you guys!
Janelle M., Los Angeles – CA
This service is amazing! I did an enstallment plan. I am now in the high 700’s Fico wise from using Black Diamond. I was in the low 400’s before. I am very thankful for your services. Believe me when I say if anyone can fix your credit Black Diamond can. I thought fixing mine would be impossible. But it was a piece of cake for them. There amazing, and it changed my life.
Brandon A., Mesa – AZ
I normally do things myself, I change the oil in our cars, I do our taxes, I finish most do it yourself home improvements but deciding to use BlackDiamond Consultants to clean up our credit history is one thing I’m glad I didn’t do myself. And had I not used them, what they did for me would likely cost me and my time 10 times more. In many cases their services cost me zero, deleting old negative credit history!! Our rep had us in a pre-qualified position to purchase a home within 30 days of working with us. We now live in our “for now” dream home and would never have been able to make the purchase in time had it not been for BlackDiamond Consultants. I am a firm believer in the GO-GIVER PHILOSOPHY as elucidated by Bob Burg. This has always resonated with my clients and defines me in all current endeavors: “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” ~ Bob Burg
There is not a price that can be placed on regaining your credit status but Black Diamond Consultants provides far more value than they take in payment which makes them worth every penny!

Cameron L., Albuquerque – NM
When I first met with a mortgage broker for a loan to buy a house, they pretty much laughed me out of their office. I have never felt so humiliated about my credit situation and did not know how to fix it. A couple weeks later I was reading City Weekly at work and came across your ad. I immediately called the number listed and spoke to a gentleman who was more than helpful. He explained how credit worked and how Blackdiamond Consultants could help me out with my situation. He then asked me if I had time to meet sometime that day. I re-arranged my schedule so I could meet up after work. Upon meeting with him I could tell that he was extremely professional and wanted nothing more than to help me out with my situation. I then signed up with Blackdiamond Consultants to help aid me in my tragic situation. A few months after I signed up with them I realized how utterly amazing their service was. I am now able to get loans, credit cards and better interest rates that were impossible for me to even imagine before. I have had a total of 38 deletions from credit. Plus now, I’m not stressed or embarrassed about my financial situation. I recently was able to purchase my first brand new car. A feeling one cannot begin to express. I owe everything to Blackdiamond Consultants for coming to my aid. I have now sent my family, friends and co-workers to your company. I am so grateful for your help. Now almost everyone I know are feeling the complete enjoyment in being able to progress in life. You are life savers. Thank you for everything that you have done. Forever Indebted,
Josh J., Taylorsville – UT
Before I started with Blackdiamond Consultants I was in a world of mess with my credit. I have been dealing with a sickness that the doctors could not seem to diagnose. Without them being able to diagnose anything meant I could not seem to get passed my horrible situation it left me in. In short, it kept me from working and being able to pay my bills. As time went on, my bills grew and my credit worsened. When I first talked to Izabella with Blackdiamond Consultants I was very skeptical. But as she explained their services, educated me with the process and explained how they could help, it started to ease my mind. Within the first 30 days Blackdiamond Consultants were able to drop 17 unpaid collections off of my account, almost completely cleared my inquiries and cleared 9 paid collections RAISING my score dramatically. If it were not for Blackdiamond Consultants I would still be in a world of hurt. I will never be able to express the full amount of gratitude that I feel for helping out. Without a single doubt in my mind I will recommend and continue to recommend Blackdiamond Consultants to every person I meet. They completely helped to turn my situation around and now I am looking for a house to buy. Thank you so much for all of your help Blackdiamond Consultants. You truly are a wonderful business and I wish only the best. Please feel freely to use my profile or to have people call me to ask my opinion on your service. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all your help.
Joshua T., Mesa – AZ

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