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We have developed relationships with several mortgage companies and real estate companies such as Prospect Mortgage, Envision Lending, Academy Mortgage, Residential Mortgage, PRMG Mortgage, Keller Williams and numerous others. We assist them in helping their clients achieve the dream of purchasing a house our refinancing their home with a better interest rate.

In fact, around 80% of our clients come referred to us by their loan officers and Realtors. It is a win-win situation, where we gain another client, the client gets approved for the loan and the loan officer/Realtor closes the deal.

We help your clients achieve qualifying scores. Qualifying scores could mean 640 score for a FHA loan, or having the client reach different score brackets such as 680 score or above 700 score.

So, How Can We Help?

1 – Increase Your Sales By 36%
Now, instead of turning them away or instructing them to come back in 6 months to a year, you can rely on our expertise to help your clients close their loan in 10-60 days.

Most of our loan officers and real estate agents review their files up to 2 years old and bring deals back to life. Just imagine having the ability to instantly add 5-10 deals to your pipeline.

Our work can improve your sales in over 36%. We guide your client through our credit repair process and we present your client with different solutions to improve his/her scores.

Your clients are often very appreciative of having a resourceful professional handling their purchase or refinance. You can read a couple of testimonials from your industry here.

2 – Raising your Client’s Scores
Our service is made up of different approaches to raise your client’s scores. We offer:
a) aggressive credit repair: we work on all negative items reported that are hurting your client’s scores (collections, late payments, etc);
b) boosting your Client’s cores fast: we have authorized user accounts for sale, we refer your clients to apply for secured cards and other credit builder accounts;
c) correction of personal information inaccuracies: we work on mixed file issues, removal of addresses, incorrect social security number reported, etc;
d) credit buildup: we work on credit reports that have absolutely no history, we build up the credit report so your Client can get approved even within 30 days;
e) tax liens: we assist your client on all types of paid and unpaid public records such as federal/state tax liens and civil judgments.

We understand how frustrating and time consuming it is to update and correct information with the bureaus in order to close a loan. It takes a regular person multiple attempts in writing, on the phone and proper follow-up.

We only take on clients we can help, therefore in order for your client to qualify for our services, we usually request you to send us a copy of your client’s credit report (with their permission) or we can pull our own. That way we can tell exactly what can be done, how long it would take us and the average of score points we would be able to deliver.

3 – 100% Money Back Guarantee
Our service is backed by a full money back guarantee! We review your Client’s credit report before they sign up to make sure we can help your Client. We then let your Client know the results we can guarantee.

4 – Free Credit Training
We offer loan officers, Realtors and insurance brokers with a Credit Training at their location for no cost (minimum of 10 participants), to provide them with knowledge to help their clients on their own.

Our credit training is taught by one of our seasoned representatives, who has years of knowledge within the credit repair industry.

It is a 45-60 min training where all your credit questions can be answered – from the most basic to the most advanced questions.

This is an extremely valuable training as we have found there is a lot of misunderstandings regarding credit between professionals in the real estate industry.

You can view recent testimonials regarding our free credit training here.
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