Personal Information Inaccuracies

We understand how frustrating and time consuming it is to update and correct information with the bureaus. It takes a regular person multiple attempts in writing, on the phone and proper follow-up.
If you have had a new social security number issued due to U.S. Citizenship, if you have a son with a similar name, if you have been victim of Identity Theft, if your name has been changed (only to name a few scenarios), chances are the bureaus are not reporting correct information.
This incorrect information can significantly affect your chances of getting approved for anything, at a very inconvenient time.

Loan officers and Realtors deal with these issues day in and day out when trying to qualify a client for a house purchase and/or refinance and they are unable to do so unless these issues are corrected.

Some of the common issues we are able to correct within little time (usually 30-45 days):
1. Wrong last name

2. Wrong/Old social security number being reported
Very common in cases where client has had a new social security number issued, client has recently become a U.S. Citizen, etc.

3. Social security number not being reported

4. Social security number being reported as 000-00-0000

5. No hit/no record found

6. File blocked/Suppressed file

7. Mixed file issue
Very common issue with people who have the same name, or father and son.