Identity Theft and Identity Fraud

Approximately 15 million United States residents have their identities used fraudulently each year with financial losses totaling upwards of $50 billion.
Identity theft is a crime. Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to refer to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain.

Unlike your fingerprints, which are unique to you and cannot be given to someone else for their use, your personal data ­ especially your Social Security number, your bank account or credit card number, and other valuable identifying data ­can be used, if they fall into the wrong hands, to personally profit at your expense.

In many cases, a victim’s losses may include not only out-of-pocket financial losses, but substantial additional financial costs associated with trying to restore his/hes reputation in the community and correcting erroneous information for which the criminal is responsible.

We Can Help!

We know the easiest and fastest way to get your life back on track. We know the steps needed along with the proper follow-up in order for you not to be labeled responsible for fraudulent debts under your name and for these debts to be removed off your reports.

How Does It Work?

The FTC does not take Identity Theft cases lightly. It is your right to have fraudulent debts removed off your report, especially if your identity has been compromised. We assist you through this process with proper documentation, which includes the involvement of the credit reporting agencies and law enforcement authorities.

How Long Does It Take?

We have been able to correct fraudulent information due to Identity Theft within 14 days, although some cases may take longer. Client’s participation is imperative in the process for best results.

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