Save Money – Get Approved

You already know you can save money by having better credit, but exactly HOW MUCH?

Let’s face it: You need your credit history for everything – from getting your utilities turned on to applying for a new job. Although we can name 9 Reasons Why You Need Good Credit, we can all agree the two main benefits of having good credit is getting approved for a new loan (car, home, etc.) and saving large every month.
Here you can find how much money you have been throwing away monthly and how much you could save by Signing Up today.

Cost of Bad Credit

May of our clients refinance their current loans after we are done with our credit repair process and SAVE BIG. Here you can get an idea of how much you would save monthly by refinancing your car loan or home loan.

Current Loan Refinanced Loan Refinancing Costs

Loan Details and Amortization

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