Free Credit Training

We offer loan officers, Realtors and insurance brokers with a Credit Training at their location for no cost (minimum of 10 participants), to provide them with knowledge to help their clients on their own. Our credit training is taught by one of our seasoned representatives, who has years of knowledge within the credit repair industry. It is a 45-60 min training where all your credit questions can be answered – from the most basic to the most advanced questions. We cover topics such as late accounts, negative accounts, rapid rescores, goodwill interventions, etc. in a Credit Training entitled “How to Raise Your Client’s Credit Scores 100 Points in 30-45 Days”. presentation7               presentation8    This is an extremely valuable training for brokers, loan officers and real estate agents as we have found there is a lot of misunderstandings regarding credit between these professionals in the industry. We have helped companies such as Academy Mortgage, StoneGate Mortgage, Residental Mortgage, Century 21, Remax, PRMG Mortgage and numerous others. We cover the myths and truths about credit reports and different ways of increasing the scores of your clients without the help of a credit repair company. By the end of this training, you will be able to be more assertive when answering difficult questions from your clients.
What Our Attendees are Saying about our Free Credit Training:
All I have to say is I was not expecting to learn as much as I did. I could not believe that over 40% of what I have always known about credit was wrong! Extremely valuable and I recommend to any and all professionals in the field.Carlos Sanchez, Mortgage Professional, Doral – FL
I need to pull my own credit and apply what I have learned. I know I can definitely raise my own credit scores at least 50 points now.Joseph Erickson, Mortgage Professional, Salt Lake City – UT
I really liked the part when you talked about carrying balances on my cards and the whole ordeal about closing open credit cards. I am asked those questions a lot and I know exactly what to tell my clients from now on.Jose Rodriguez, Mortgage Professional, Mesa – AZ